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Hakka, is not a whitewash of the public system. After thousands of years, migration was removed, in the struggle with nature and fate, the formation of a colorful Chinese group - Hakka. One hundred and twenty million Hakka people around the world more than 170 countries and regions in the world of politics, business and cultural life is playing an increasingly important role, especially in more overseas visitors is the first business to help entrepreneurs said.

The World Hakka Business Association is a voluntary global Hakka entrepreneurs to profit for the purpose of an independent legal personality of the social mass organizations. Hakka co-founded the worlds strategic elite club, is an entrepreneur contact customer communication, propaganda advantage, demonstrate strength, display their talent and develop their career, their love, return to the community, success in life platform.

Headquartered in Hong Kong. The World Hakka Business Association member companies adhere to that service for the purpose, pragmatic innovation. Hakka entrepreneurs around the world through the World Hakka Business Association to communicate, strengthen ties interact, complement each other, powerful combination, to achieve win-win situation. To promote global trade and business investment Hakka business co-operation in various economic sectors, so that customers are residing in foreign entrepreneurs in the economy has grown in strength, and country of residence to contribute to economic development, thereby enhancing the local Hakka Political and economic status. The Association helps Hakka entrepreneurs lead the global concern for the development of the motherland, assist the member to return venture, on the basis of mutual benefit, to contribute to national construction, development interests for the home. And enthusiasm for the customers investment is a business consulting in China, assessment services, providing legal assistance to facilitate and coordinate the resolution of investment problems. Members of the Associaotn power of a common set of services for the community, and actively organize and participate in social welfare services.
The World Hakka Business Association will continue to absorb the majority of customers around the world are the elite, entrepreneurs, inviting Hakka excellence, growing their own power, to promote Hakka culture, Hakka spirit of China Everbright, the cause of building the motherland, for the cross-strait exchanges, For the reunification of the motherland, make unremitting efforts for world peace and contribute.





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