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Li Jinsong participate in the 2016 world merchants in Beijing

Li Jinsong participate in the 2016 world merchants in Beijing

The organizing committee of the BBS of Li Jinsong (third right) and other world famous hakka people awarded "jing SEC, 2016 world merchants area along the Beijing honorary adviser"

Li Jinsong told reporters


    Beijing intersection, the world merchants area along the economic, trade and cultural BBS on May 30, in the international conference center for overseas projects. Indonesia returned overseas Chinese and international renowned customers Li Jinsong did titled "the area along the project: soup kalimantan Indonesia economic zone industrial park of the provincial government and the world belongs to the general chamber of commerce cooperation development project", the special performance of speech, the meeting a warm attention.

    Li Jinsong said China "area", the idea of construction is put forward for the first time in Indonesia. In October 2013, during a visit to Indonesia, chairman of the xi, puts forward the construction of economic zone "silk road" and "21st century Marine silk road" of the major initiatives. Zc, herry in October 2014, assumed office as President of Indonesia, is proposed to build "sea power" concept and the construction of "sea highway" program, with China "area" proponents debate, echo each other at a distance.

    Li Jinsong in his speech, this paper introduces the general situation of Indonesias economy and the development pattern, soup of kalimantan province development planning, development, positioning, project requirements and preferential policies. Mainly introduced the soup of east kalimantan province library county marlo international port and industrial development zone (also known as KIPI Roy). With a total area of 53.05 square kilometers, is Dr Roy batu tower across part of kalimantan special economic zone. Development projects including wharf, crude palm oil international ports, the viaduct, the two main plant 333 km railway, 7 total length of 1150 km highway and ordinary highway, annual output of ten million tons of cement plant, 2 million hectares of area of palm oil refinery, power plant. Conclusion is, Roy development zone will be built soup kalimantans largest comprehensive industrial system, it is the largest investment potential.

    BBS, head of the organizing committee, said the cooperation development project, is the worlds merchant highlight of the BBS, SEC is Beijing attention hot spot.

    Li Jinsong originally from guangdong meizhou hakka, returned overseas Chinese in Indonesia, the standing committee of the Chinese overseas, the world guest, chairman of the chamber of commerce and the seven stars international holding group chairman of the board. President of the United Nations industrial development organization international environment and resources supervision and administration department, deputy director of the government coordinating committee director, the chairman of the federation of Hong Kong central plains Chinese businessman.

    Entrepreneurship Li Jinsong to Hong Kong in 1982, start from the decorative materials and chemical products, color TV market, to create high quality mobile phone, promoted the popularity of TV technology products, development of fiber optic cable, successively in petroleum chemical industry, electronic software, household appliances, real estate, communications equipment, environmental protection, food and other aspects of leading science and technology, become the business community of the giant, became famous in the international community of industrialists, now he has nine across the chairman of the board of the company.

    Li Jinsong more actively promote domestic economic growth, investment promotion and capital introduction, and often led the foreign delegation visit to China, to the United States, Japan, southeast Asia and other places, introduction to Chinas reform and opening-up, urban economic construction, etc., bear economic exchanges bridge beam. He was in the ten cities such as shenyang, chaohu economic adviser, provide outstanding creative and efficient for local information. Main: communications; Food and condiments trade; Environmental protection equipment production, trade and consulting; The financial and real estate. Spend large sum of money in more than 10 domestic provinces and cities set up more than 30 profit-making or productive company, plans to invest in more than 20 to participate in the development of the western region.

    After China proposed "area" development strategy, Li Jinsong corresponding actively, and according to their own advantages, unique vision to the Indonesian economy target of foreign investment in land. On the pitch, there are eight central enterprises, more than 10 other export-oriented state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, head of the communication. On the basis of the early stage of the docking, both said they are interested in, we pay close attention to some interested in signing, joined the development project. The scene signed a contract to 15 billion yuan.

    Li Jinsong said, as the "sea highway", "sea power" the implementation of a national strategy, Indonesia will usher in a new round of port and waterway facilities for the construction of the tide, which will bring cooperation opportunities for Chinas "neighbourhood" construction.



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