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24th World Hakka Conference in 2011, Guangxi Beihai!

24nd World Hakka Conference 16th Family Reunion began in the ancient city of Xian. Before the opening ceremony at the Bureau meeting, Heyuan City, Guangdong Hakka Association, Guangxi Hakka Overseas Friendship Association, the Hong Kong Guangdong Hakka Hakka Association and other groups are to the current Bureau of the Assembly to host the next "World guest will be" the application.

Final meeting of the Bureau, 2010 23rd World Hakka Conference hosted by the Heyuan, 2011 the 24th "World guest will be" hosted by the North Sea.

World Hakka Conference is the worlds Hakka groups, Hakka most solemn, most grand-together, has been 37 years, regular rotation in the major cities in all regions of the world held.

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