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    The guest of historical and cultural city culture center is located in zhengzhou east new district  Ke Wen Road, main body including cultural centers, memorial and business center three parts, the cultural center for the one of the biggest venues, and a building area of 38000 square meters. The building of the body, styles and characteristics show to the world hakka culture history, exuberant vitality and in this piece of the cradle of an born out of the deep cultural accumulation growth. 


     Hakka people from the earth, although the thick DuoCi migration, and are now in the downtown, guangdong form major residences, but the hakka ethnic always inheritance the zhongyuan profound cultural base mat, with strong "nature and humanity" harmonious development idea, as Confucius said: "the wise le water, benevolent, the wise move, just the leshan static, the wise joy, just the cheer." In China folk culture, the hakka culture deserves to precious "living fossil". 


    The interior design of hakka culture benefit from the traditional spirit conception, for "nowhere not education", and to the design technique of different form each space surface and form, and give the body in which to visit the stimulus on wisdom and enlightenment, make people heart eternal memory. 


    Cultural center building is divided into four layers, in layout, this case with the hakka culture origin, migration, development, brilliant for context, in combination with other hakka culture, construct a reflect "root", with total "source" culture of the library, a layer of for entrance hall around and hakka culture exhibition hall, second floor in the hakka culture history exhibition hall, three in the hakka culture form exhibition hall, four layers are todays hakka exhibition hall. In the space, the expression of the will interior space is divided into open space and closed in space, and clever combination, use without sunscreen, half of all high, cover, lets the building level treatment combined with interior space, ecological elements form interactive relationship. 


    In the process of building space, take meaning hakka houses "around the space form" dragon house, to the abstract, generalization, in the form of lay the ground to reflect, with black, white, ash, the composition of the relationship and delicate shop to arouse the people, memory of the identity of the guest. 


    "Giving up the hakka people advocate for the guest, customer first", pioneering and enterprising, hardworking, like the Yellow River and the Yangtze river, water flowing water, let into the worlds oceans. 


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