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     Memorial hall hall, is the same that children, their father, hakka or related by blood, seeking the root source, worship the sanctuary of the Pope worship their ancestors.


     The museum building area of 9148 square meters, with a total height 21.3 meters, underground, the ground of three layers. Can hold nearly ten thousand people held a ceremony activities. The wall of the museum by a total area of 1000 square meters, weighs more than 500 tons of huge mural stone carving, documented by the pioneers of the hakka history, engraved story hakka Valhalla in a history in China feat of and contribution. Such as: wen tianxiang, hong xiu-quan, sun yat-sen, zhu DE, ye jianying, guo moruo, liao chengzhi, etc. 


    The first layer is the worship in the middle of the hall, HTC, and made a priest for superior of the hakka LieZuLieZong a god. Offering a stand on both sides of the world of the chamber LiJinSong chairman guest inscribed "guest of the central plains to the next generation of shenzhou reproduction" home "sound XiJu throughout the earth from the roots of the" root two of HanJue, and more than 10 a contemporary hakka celebrity surrounded the whole list hall, whenever worship ceremony activities, hakka fathers, taking before came to the expression of his native regional accents, to the sentimentally attached. Express the ancestors, the respect to the glorious future yearning. Common wishes for the prosperity and prosperity, happiness and good health hakka people all over the world. 


    Chinese kuomintang (KMT) party chairman Mr. Wu poh-hsiung realising the world of chamber of the guest great creation achievement, the common aspiration of the hakka people all over the world, I LiJinSong chairman, for your gracious invitation in June 20, 2009 MingBi readily for "or" hall hall GuanMing write and write: "drinking water with ses couplet ZuDe ancestor worship and bow before." comfort spirit 





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