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Hakka, this immortal of zhongyuan people since. From the late jin (317 AD) on, experience of the Chinese nation of every people, form the history breed unique five times in the history of migration, ZhongHui became a magnificent song: "the an is hakka"!!!!! 
Hakka people in one thousand years of the migration of the road, and constantly exercise attacks, unceasingly absorb all kinds of cultural spirit, creating the magnificent hakka culture, and to train a large number of celebrities, a person of all countries, the model nearly modern history. Especially in nearly years, hakka English ask in throughout the to the overthrow of the monarchy. The derivative, promote the national and prosperous, overseas to the prosperity of the local economy, culture, and promote exchange and cooperation, build excellent service. Through love hakka township of national temperament and difficult the bitter up the development of ship industry spirit, shining bright of the Chinese culture. 

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