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   Hakka is important in the great family of the Chinese nation, and a member of the Chinese people has remarkable characteristics of han nationality, is one of the geopolitical groups. And the hakka culture is the group in the formation and development process, in order to adapt to the living conditions and reform created all the material culture and culture combined. Once this culture from, it became the groups logo and sustain the group survival and the development of the core strength. In other words, no hakka group, will not have the hakka culture; But if there is no long-term stable development of the hakka culture, hakka group is also are not possible in the vitality of the so strong, so that after hundreds of thousands of years, still can sustain now. Hakka people is a very wide distribution of fujian, guangdong province edge triangle is the main settlements, mainly in foreign countries in southeast Asia. The hakka culture is formed under specific historical conditions, by immigrants, as a representative of the regional culture.

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