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Water steaming chicken 


Choose domestic or in the mountains with caterpillar fungus grain group of chickens, a whole on pot steamed, and water by hand tore or knife cut into six pieces of strike while eating, very fresh sweet smooth and delicate. According to a material introduction, this kind of method with raising chickens than with JingSiLiao keep of it contains the amino acids to more than 10 times higher than the yankees, visible high nutritional value. 
All pig package 
Main have chosen the most "essence" pig eight joints of meat made pig soup, steamed at the pig red, pig miscellaneous, braise in soy sauce meat, match eat some green vegetables and pickled vegetable, home. This how to eat a similar WangShi hakka, year round in the Spring Festival kill pig nail when side some food. 
All the cattle package 
Is eat tripe hillock, NiuBai leaves, and the heart give priority to, top and NiuShuan meat and other places, the NiuBai eat different here, not remove the black film, it is said that it is mainly to be. 
Tofu package 
Bean curd from the hakka people making when the habit of making dumplings, for migration to lingnan without Michael pack dumpling, figured out how to eat bean curd). The hakka people are taking advantage of cooking method, the so-called tofu packages includes a meal to eat of it before the bean curd flower, when the main course of Fried brew bean curd, bean curd pot, bean curd pills, making glutinous rice, Fried tofu, and put the DouFuRu etc. When snacks 
New GangHu fresh 
The green lake wild mandarin fish fillet, eel and stone catfish sonny, meat taste good and smooth, established without mud xing, or evaporate or stew or Fried are very delicious. 
The food KouRou core, mei 
Ingredients: pork belly into pork (a jin), mei food core (2), ginger (two), two slices of onion (two tree), soya (a), condiment taste: spoon sugar (1.5), wine, born TSP (each a teaspoon) smoke 
Production process: 
1, pork meat, wash in boiling water for to seven mature, take it out of the water and wiped dry on a plate, pigskin down, to join with soya 30 minutes in frying oil, roll a golden pig skin to dish up, drop to oil, frozen and slice into deep bowl,. 
2, will have with pork meat with soya sauce mix a sauce. 
3, may wash dishes core baptized twenty minutes and rinse blot moisture, cut up, taking the oil in the wok and fry for a while, in the flesh, pour into the pork sauce, put on the ginger, Onions, lie between water steam 1.5 hours, take out the ginger, Onions on a plate can serve to buckle. 
Hakka dishes: salty chicken 
Ingredients: tender hen one (about 1300 g), the rough sea salt 150 g, 1 TBSP ginger powder sand (15 g), 2 TBSP sesame oil (30 ml), shredded green onion right amount. 
Production: 1. The hen after the slaughter in Lebanon (step can please help to), cleaning vendors with clean, from chicken knee cut to the chicken feet. 
2. Chicken body moisture is wiped dry, rough sea salt evenly spread in chickens, belly to wipe divide within the bore with plastic wrap, chicken a whole bag well, put in the freezer indoor, marinate for 10 hours. 
3. Chicken marinade good take out after rinse clean, salt, wipe dry chicken body moisture. In deep saucepan, add enough water to within (not chicken as a potential fire, bring to a boil, marinate chicken will be good in the pot, cover with lid, will fire moves to a minimum, make fluids to boil again just keep rolling condition, slightly boiling stew 13 minutes (summer) to 15 minutes (winter). 
4. To chicken cooked, remove chicken, dry them with water, with little brush in chicken body of layer of the tu yi sesame oil, to keep the chicken skin moist. 
5. Will the whole chicken to put a little dry, cut cut into small pieces and put into including dish. 
6. With sand ginger powder, shredded green onion and sesame oil mixed with dip in material into, match again a disc of garlic and sesame oil, dip in with the material serve food dip in. 


The rat key bow: 


[raw material/condiment] 

Main material: rat 1/2 pounds as grass 

Glutinous rice powder 1 catty 

Stuffing materials: dry shredded 4 two 

1/2 pounds steaky pork 

Shrimp a little 

Oily green crisp a little 

Production process] [ 

(1) will bow to wash, the rat grass into the pot and add water to boil over as soft grass rat after (about 1 hour), shall be water away crowded dry, chopped up into the pot, add water and 1 cup sugar cooked to a thin thin. 

(2) will glutinous rice powder into within the basin, the cook good rat grass add knead, as if not enough clouds, can add water again. If sweetness is insufficient, can add sugar, massage to not sticky so far. 

(3) will dry shredded repeated clean water, cut up. In addition to cutting steaky pork thread soaked shrimp, soft. Set aside. 

(4) the oil, put in a half cup lard or salad oil, first the shrimp saute, put steaky pork and shredded and stir. Finally add salt, gourmet powder, pepper and five spice powder, taste it again before in oil mix crisp green dishing out when the stuffing. 

(5) in the hand wipe some oil, will press into favorite glutinous rice group, like the size of the bag of the stuffing steamed stuffed bun method into the circle, put in the bag and cast on the leaves gently pressed into cone, into steam source I griffin 20 minutes ash can. 






Hakka dishes: duck 


Main ingredient: duck a garlic dried tangerine or orange peel ginger until fragrant rice wine soya oil pumping salt old. 




1. The duck but piece of drain water. 


2. Put a little oil into the pot, put in duck piece of soft fire heated until done. Add rice wine while, ginger, garlic, dried tangerine or orange peel, born old Fried the smoke. 


3. And then add the earth, let go to face with a little juice can be boiled. 






Hakka dishes: face line flavor 


Main ingredient: surface line 2 firm about the weight of about 320 grams lean pork, and about 150 grams 


Accessories: shrimp, leeks, green top each about 80 grams, about 30 g dry mushrooms, dried shrimp 4 only 


Seasoning: pickled RouLiao: sauce, cornflour, oil, sugar, salt, about 20 grams of half and half teaspoon dry mushrooms 4 only half a cup, a soup. Seasoning: 2 TBSPS fish sauce, three and oil, 1 TBSP apply a soup. 




1, face line cook Chao put water done, remove played a cold water, soak in soup in frozen a while, and then drain. 


2, shrimp to wash, the intestine, the oil in the wok and stir-fry until done. Wash shrimp, dip soft, oil since the wok and stir-fry until done. Wash shrimp, dip soft, oil since Fried the wok, half lean pork shred, mix with marinade RouLiao, and then bubble oil extraction, mushrooms, shred, soft with a little oil, soya mix, the shoot wash salted dishes, leek wash, cut into sections. 


3, heat oil three spoon, while dry mushrooms, pork, shrimps and the shrimps, seasoning and line under fire, then the hood fry chives and bud food and saute until thick juicy when it becomes. 





The: five China bean curd. 
Raw material: 
Young tofu 32 Angle (cut into small pieces of lean lean, there is 300 g and 100 g the salted fish, 100 g fish fillet, potato powder, 20 g 8 g salt, soy sauce 5 grams. 
Making method: 
The big salted fish bone, and begin fry the sweet, steaky pork salted fish and diced mixture and append flavor materials, add potato starch, a few water mix tart into elastic meat, making every Angle within the bean curd into, and then meat face bottom into the pot with over low heat, fry until golden brown into the sand pot put then expected, simmer for system in ripe, and just, the original pot, chopped green onion serve food keep up with lettuce, zijin pepper sauce for seasoning, with lettuce bag tofu dipped in purple and gold pepper sauce to eat. 


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