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ZhangJiuLing (678-740) state QuJiangRen, guangdong compositions of the tang dynasty, the prime minister, a famous writer. 


Ouyang xiu (1007-1072) LuLing jiangxi, the song dynasty, a famous writer, is "one of eight people" in the tang dynasty. 


zenggong (1019-1083) NaFengXian jiangxi, the song dynasty, a famous writer, is "one of eight people" in the tang dynasty. 


Wen tianxiang (1236-1630), top JiAnXian in jiangxi province, the prime minister, national hero. 


YuanChongHuan (1584-1630) in tengxian, originally from people in guangdong dongguan. In the Ming dynasty, KangQing star BingBu holds. 


SongYingXing (1587-1661) FengXin county jiangxi, the Ming dynasty jie mountain scientists, exploitation of the author of "open content. 


LuoFangBo (1738-1795), guangdong mei country west bornean "LanFang big total system" as "the tang dynasty presidents". 


Song xiang (1756 1826), guangdong mei country qing dynasty famous poet, calligrapher. 


Hong xiuquan (1812-1864) guangdong spend county person, the taiping heavenly kingdom king. 


Yang xiu-qing (1823-1856) county in guangxi, the taiping heavenly kingdom GUI ping were stunning east king. 


First of all, philips and SaiLinNa just understanding, or cross-border love, trouble, after all, just m 


ShiDaKai (1831-1863) your county in guangxi, the taiping heavenly kingdom shirt. 


FengZiCai (1818-1903), guangxi qinzhous KangFa qing dynasty. 


SongRiChang (1823-1882) guangdong sets, the county modern pioneer westernization movement. 


LiuYongFu (1837-1917), guangxi qinzhou black flag army generals, the assistance the KangFa ", "Taiwans" the illustrious general. 


YeDeLai (1837 ~ 1885) huiyang county, guangdong Chinese famous malaya. 


ZhangBi and (1841 1916), guangdong dapu county, Chinese leader famous businessman. ZhangYu wine founder. 


The evenitn (1848 1905), guangdong mei country famous patriotic poet, diplomats. 


Sun yat-sen (1866-1925), guangdong XiangShanXian democratic revolutionary pioneers, the republic of China architects. 


YaoDeSheng (1859-1915), the flat county of guangdong famous overseas Chinese businesspeople. 


QiuFengJia (1864-1912), native Taiwan origin miaoli county, guangdong bunches ridge famous patriotic poet, the person of Taiwan. 


Liao zhongkai (1877-1925), guangdong huizhou founding fathers of the republic of China. 


Was officiated by (1882 1954) YongDingXian fujian, famous businessman, Chinese leader. 


YaoYuPing (1882-1974) the flat county, guangdong revolution of the commander in chief to cover the northern expedition 


Zou lu (1885-1964), guangdong dapu county (patriarch. 


DengZhongYuan (1886-1922) guangdong people, the revolutionary star mei country. 


Chens (1889 1954), guangxi people republic of general of the army. 


Zhu DE (1886-1976), native sichuan yilong interpretation of guangdong, Peoples Republic of China in qujiang captain, the National Peoples Congress standing committee chairman. 


ChenYinKe (1890-1969) XiuShui county jiangxi, famous master history. 


Guo moruo (1892-1978), native sichuan leshan county of fujian NingHuaXian, famous Chinese writer and historian, social activists, the China federation President, Chinese academy of sciences dean, deputy chairman of the standing committee of the National Peoples Congress. 


Fu even disabled (1894-1968) ChangTingXian fujian, chairman of the association, deputy minister of health. 


Dengyadas 1895-1931), the northern expedition of guangdong huizhous. 


Leaf pretty (1896-1946), the northern expedition huiyang county of guangdong, anti-japanese ace. 


ZhangFaKui (1896-1980), the northern expedition shixing guangdong county, anti-japanese ace. 


Ye jianying (1897 1986), guangdong mei country of the Peoples Republic of China, the national into the captain. Chairman of the standing committee. 


ZhangDingCheng (1898-1981) YongDingXian fujian, deputy chairman of the standing committee of the National Peoples Congress. 


LiangBoJiang (1899-1968), guangdong mei country famous pathologist, Chinese academy of sciences division of members. 


The king power (1900-1986) BoBaiXian people, our language in academic circles, Chinese academy of sciences of the greats. 


LinFengMian (1900-1991), modern famous mei country guangdong arts masters. 


ZhongHuiLan (1901-1987), Chinas guangdong mei country tropical epidemiology founders, Chinese academy of sciences committee. Strand 


LuoErGang (1901-your county in guangxi, the famous historian, and study the authority of the taiping heavenly kingdom. 


XieJinYuan (1905-1941) guangdong bunches, famous ridge county anti-japanese national hero. 


LiHuiTang (1905-1979), guangdong five HuaXian Asian football sir. 


LuoXiangLin (1906-1978), professor xing zhengning county, guangdong, hakka studies generation guru. 


Liao chengzhi (1908-1983), the corruption of huizhou deputy chairman of the standing committee of the National Peoples Congress. 


Li zhen (1908-1990) liuyang county in hunan province, Peoples Republic of China around the first woman general. 


LiuYaLou (1911-1965) WuPing county of fujian, Chinas peoples liberation cover air force commander, admiral. 


LiGuoPing (1910-guangdong FengShun county person, famous mathematician, Chinese academy of sciences. 


YangYong (1912-1983), hunan liuyan Chinas peoples liberation army general. 


Abridgement (1917-guangdong famous Bridges, mei country experts, the Chinese academy of sciences, academician of Chinese academy of engineering. 


YangChengWu (1914-ChangTingXian fujian, vice-president of the Chinese peoples liberation army staff Chang admiral. 


LuJia 钖 (1915-originally in tainan and native fujian YongDingXian, deputy chairman of the standing committee of the National Peoples Congress, the Chinese academy of sciences. 


HuYaoBang (1915-1989), liuyang hunan general secretary of the CPC central committee. 


ChenPiXian (1916-ShangHangXian fujian, deputy chairman of the standing committee of the National Peoples Congress. 


Xiao hua (1916-1985) in jiangxi province, Chinas peoples liberation army (PLA) master Yang yunsong general political department director, admiral. 


Han suyin was (1917-originally from sichuan, guangdong fine should originally PI county recently, famous female writer. British state 


ZhangTingFa (1918-in fujian, Chinas peoples liberation MLG cover air force commander. 


TianGuBing (1919-guangdong tai Po county person, Hong Kong famous businessman, "artificial leather king". 


YeXuanPing (1924-governor of guangdong province mei country guangdong, vice chairman of the CPPCC national committee. 


YangTaiFang (1927-Chinas guangdong mei country telecommunications minister, China federation of returned overseas Chinese chairman. 


Thank the (1932-guangdong LiuHe county person, the ruling politburo of the communist party of Chinas guangdong provincial party committee secretary,. 


LiaoHui (1942-guangdong, the central committee of the communist party of China, Hong Kong and Macao affairs office of the state council, the director of party secretary. 


Huang huahua (1946-guangdong three peoples government of guangdong province in governor. 


Zeng (1933-guangdong, Hong Kong businessman famous mei country, the National Peoples Congress standing committee member, Asia tie king ". 


Liu huang hair (1936-guangdong huizhou, of the legislative council of the Hong Kong people. 


HaoBoXiong (1939-Taiwan taoyuan people and native fujian yongding, chairman of the central committee of the Chinese kuomintang. 


Xiao Yang (1938), Chinas guangdong heyuan judge honorary President of the association. 


Qiu (1949-native range, the guangdong international famous mathematician bunches, Chinese academy of sciences, the national academy of sciences of foreign academicians academician, Harvard University professor, the worlds first international mathematics for the highest prize phil this prize. Learn Chinese apply 



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